Gift Basket RVDA


This gift basket is delivered in a plastic storage box. The plastic storage box will prove to be useful for safekeeping small items or storage of grains such as rice.

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White King Fiesta Spaghetti Pasta 1kg
UFC Banana Ketchup 320g
Datu Puti Soy Sauce 340mL
Datu Puti Vinegar 385mL
Molina Sunbest Golden Mushroom 425g
Ram Golden Sweet Cream Style Corn 410g
Argentina Corned Beef 150g
Hormel Spam Lite Luncheon Meat 340g
Magnolia Cheezee Cheddar Spread 120g
Cream All Coffee Creamer Powder 300g
CDO Karne Norte Guisado 100g
Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce Italian Style 560g
Del Monte Heart Smart Pineapple Juice Drink 240mL
Lemon Square Pan Delight Ube 8 Bars 320g
Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Inasal Spicy Chicken Flavor 55g
Lucky Me Beef na Beef Flavor Instant Mami Noodles 55g
Lucky Me Mami Chicken na Chicken Flavor Instant Mami Noodles 55g
Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Kalamansi Flavor 60g
Lucky Me Instant Pancit Palabok with Real Chicharon and Kalamansi 60gTang Sweet Ponkan Flavor Instant Drink Mix 175g
Growers Oriental Flavor Peanuts Less-Grease Family Pack 80g
Lady’s Choice Alsa Gulaman Green Unflavored 90g


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